Friday, April 17, 2015


Experience. Every moment is a new experience, every second different than the last. Make it matter.

So, we had some extended family in town from Yorkshire and yesterday was my day to be their guide. They did the usual and went to the World of Coca Cola. Afterwards, they took the street car up to campus and I brought them to the Municipal Market. We walked around and everyone seemed to love the jovial English attitudes. We introduced our guests to sweet treats they had never had before. I even drove them up to Ponce and brought them to the first honey bubble on the earth (as the sign so dramatically exclaims!) We ended the night with dinner at Meehan’s Irish Pub. What was really fun was that I rode the Streetcar for the first time after months of listening to its annoying horn. It was quite ironic that I was riding it as a “tourist” instead of with friends that lived in the city. Nevertheless, it was very fun and much cleaner than I was expecting. During our adventurous exploration of Atlanta, we all spoke about a beer festival that was happening in Centennial Olympic Park and how our guests could not go walk around the historic site. We all talked about the Sweetwater 420 Festival a lot and I wouldn't shut up about how much I wished I could have gone to see the amazing bands. I even remember stating, and I quote, “my goal is to go to every music festival in Atlanta.” Everyone laughed at me.

Later that night I was surprised with an early birthday gift. Someone very special to me had bought me three day tickets to the festival! So, now I will be attending this amazing festival despite the dreary rain! Expect pictures! 

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